10 Reasons You Might Like A Career In IT

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Are you considering a career in IT?

With recent advancements in technology and the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field, it's no surprise that more and more people are exploring careers in IT. From the rise of remote work and the gig economy to the impact of pop culture and digital transformation, there are plenty of reasons why a career in IT might be the right fit for you.

Whether you're fresh out of high school or looking to make a switch, read on to discover the exciting opportunities awaiting you in the world of IT. Let’s dive into 10 specific reasons why you might enjoy a career in IT, and how recent trends and events are shaping the industry.

1. Growing Demand

Malaysia’s ICT sector has become a crucial contributor to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021, contributing RM320.4 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.6% over the next five years, reflecting its vital role in Malaysia's economic development. As more industries and businesses leverage technology to improve their operations and services, the demand for skilled IT professionals in Malaysia is increasing. In fact, the IT sector has been identified as one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of job opportunities, with job vacancies available in almost every industry and sector, particularly in high-growth areas such as e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare. This makes a career in IT a promising choice for those who are looking for a stable and in-demand profession in Malaysia.

2. Lucrative Salaries

IT professionals are among the highest paid in the job market, with many roles offering competitive salaries and excellent benefits. For example, according to Glassdoor, the average salary for an entry-level Software Engineer is over RM57,600 per year, and a IT Security Specialist can earn up to RM 67,200 per year.

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3. Constant Learning

The IT industry is constantly evolving, which means that IT professionals are always learning, staying up-to-date, and adapting to new technologies and trends. This keeps the job interesting and challenging. For example, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are some of the latest technologies that IT professionals are learning and implementing.

4. Career Growth and Development

The fast-paced nature of the IT industry also means that there is always room for growth and advancement, with opportunities for career development and promotion. For example, a help desk technician could eventually become a network administrator or a cybersecurity analyst.

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5. Wide Career Paths

There are many different career paths in IT, from software development to cybersecurity to project management. For example, someone interested in software development could work for a tech startup or a large corporation, or even start their own business.

6. Flexibility

Many IT jobs can be done remotely, which provides flexibility and work-life balance. For example, a software developer could work from home for a company based in a different state or country.

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7. High Job Satisfaction

IT professionals often enjoy a high level of job satisfaction due to the variety in their job, the challenge in solving complex problems and the opportunity to create solutions that brings great impact. For example, a data analyst may enjoy the challenge of finding insights from large datasets, or a cybersecurity professional may be tasked to protect companies from cyber-attacks and prevent data breaches. These are challenging yet fulfilling roles that can be a source of motivation for IT professionals.

8. Positive Impact on Society

IT professionals can have a positive impact on society by developing new technologies that improve people's lives. For example, a software developer could create an app that helps people manage their mental health or a web developer could design a website that increases accessibility for people with disabilities.

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9. Creative Outlet

IT professionals can be creative in their work by designing and developing new technologies. For instance, a web developer can pick up UX/UI design skills and use their creativity in their daily job to design visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for its users.

10. Transferable Skill

Many skills learned in IT are transferable to other fields, such as problem-solving and analytical thinking. Should an IT professional opt for a career switch, a data analyst could apply their analytical skills to a marketing role or a project manager role, for example.

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A career in IT offers a wealth of opportunities and rewards. With the industry constantly evolving and expanding, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in IT. With the high demand for skilled professionals, flexibility, high job satisfaction, and potential for career growth, the possibilities are endless.