5 Legal Jobs for Non-Practicing Lawyers

Endless Options with a Versatile Degree

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This is for you fresh law grads who are still figuring out if practicing law is for you. This is also for you fresh grads who know you don't want to appear in court but are still passionate about working in the legal field.

Thankfully for you, the law degree is one of the most versatile degrees you can obtain. You have a multitude of options and avenues to pursue your legal career and all of them are incredibly fulfilling but also challenging.

So here are 5 legal jobs for non-practicing lawyers :

Legal Consultant / Advisor

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Non-practicing lawyers can serve as legal consultants or advisors for for-profit companies, governmental institutions, or nonprofit groups.

They offer knowledgeable legal counsel, support regulatory compliance, and participate in strategic decision-making. Legal consultants can work in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, finance, or technology, and frequently have a better work-life balance.

With salaries ranging from RM 7,950 to RM 10,450, this field is one of the more lucrative sub-sectors for non-practicing lawyers to work in.

Policy Analyst / Researcher

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Fresh legal grads can even pursue the field of legal research and policy analysis. This sub-sector opens up doors to working in government agencies, think tanks, or even advocacy organizations.

You directly analyze legal legislation, draft policy recommendations, and conduct research to influence public policy decisions. This sub-sector allows individuals to have a significant impact on shaping laws and regulations.

This career path allows individuals to have a significant impact on shaping laws and regulations that affect society. With an average salary of RM 72,000 per annum, it offers the chance to work on issues aligned with personal values and interests.

Legal Writing and Publishing

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Legal writing and publishing are still incredibly viable and will continue to be a viable option for non-practicing lawyers. You will craft legal documents, articles, blogs, and even textbooks; however, the list goes on and on.

If you are a law graduate who has strong writing skills, language skills, and legal knowledge, this is the job for you. Using these strong suits of yours to dissect and make legal content accessible to the average person and future lawyer is an invaluable skill that is needed for decades to come.

With an average monthly salary ranging from RM 5,250 to RM 7,750, legal writing and publishing puts you at a fair level above the average earners in Malaysia.

Compliance Analyst

Looking to get into the corporate field? Well, this job is for you. As a Compliance Analyst, your main goal is to ensure that a company complies to the industry's laws and regulation. Though it is not as straightforward as that.

Your work will require you to examine the very practices of the company and policies within the business, identify areas where they do not comply with the laws and regulations. Then you offer advice for the company to make necessary modifications.

These are some of the most important legal jobs in the private corporate sector as they ensure that everyone plays by the rules and that the laws and regulations are adhered to.

With a minimum monthly salary ranging from RM 3,900 to RM 6,000, Compliance Analysts still earn more compared to the national average.

Corporate Management

One of the best and most lucrative jobs for non-practicing lawyers to pursue is corporate management. It encompasses a significant chunk of your legal skills and knowledge to help manage a company in its day-to-day activities.

While also having elements of compliance, your job is to lead, administer, and direct a company while also using your legal knowledge to ensure the company's business activities are compliant with the law and regulations.

Being one of the more lucrative jobs a lawyer could have, it is a very tempting sub-sector of law to join. However, it does require more than just management and compliance. You are also required to dive deep into case law and deal with very senior members of organisations.

If this is for you, then you are also looking at an average salary of RM 11,037 per month. This is way above the average national salary and is reason enough for many lawyers to jump into the corporate sector.


As you can see, a law degree is an incredibly versatile and valuable field of study. It opens doors to most professional industries, which gives you ample of opportunities to pursue areas where you may not have even considered. So do not fret or feel constrained, because the sky is the limit and the only anchor is yourself.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said :

"There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of law."
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