A.I. in the Modern Business Landscape

Empowering Any Business

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The A.I. Filled World

A.I. is everywhere—in our phones, in our schools, on the streets, in vehicles, and even in businesses. Whether we like it or not, it has swiftly assimilated into our everyday lives.

Its use, however, can be a contentious matter, but it's not something to fear at all. It is a useful tool that is already being utilised in every aspect of our lives. It shouldn't be seen as a replacement for human intelligence and should be treated as a supportive tool to aid our ever-evolving landscape.

Data, Data, Data

Everything in business is data. When a salary is being paid, a cost of materials, the sales of products—all of it is data that can be quantified and collected. What is one thing current A.I. systems are great at? Compiling and structuring data way faster than any human could

Not only is it good at compiling and structuring this data, but it is also able to identify possible consequences and help the human user streamline his or her decision-making process.

Businesses that Utilize A.I. with Data

Businesses have already been utilising A.I. for quite some time. While not as sophisticated as some other A.I. models that are being developed, they are certainly being used to streamline sales systems, focus algorithmic functions, form comprehensive insights in significantly less time, boost operational efficiency via automation, and many more.

Here is a list of 5 Companies that significantly use A.I. in their day-to-day operations:

1. Tesla
2. Amazon
3. Google
4. Microsoft
5. Facebook

All these companies use the help of A.I. to gather data to ensure that users have tailor-made content, features, and recommendations just for them. Each individual will have a different home screen for store recommendations, music suggestions, etc. due to the use of A.I. to understand the patterns of a user's activity.

This overall helps these and many other companies streamline their development processes for future updates and business decisions.

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A.I. in Business Innovations

While being used by a plethora of businesses, A.I. and its uses are still considered to be in their premature stages. It is in a constant state of fine-tuning and development and probably will stay in this stage for quite a number of years.

However, its use in innovation by businesses has been growing significantly. Several corporations across the world have started or have already implemented A.I. into their products to elevate the user experience or are even using A.I. to help develop new products and services to be sold to the general public.

A great example of this implementation is the iPhone's Siri. An example of it being used to create new products to be sold is the current trend to create designs for apparel of all sorts. Used mainly by musical artists and internet influencers, these people are implementing A.I. into their creative business models.

So, one begs the question: Is this avoidable? Well, the short answer is "no". Just like the Industrial Revolution was a complete evolution of how businesses are run, A.I. is just going to be another part of how businesses and beyond will function for years to come.

Whether it is going to be on the scale of what the Industrial Revolution was, that is something to see in time.