BA (Hons) International, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Wrexham University

Course Overview

If you are looking to chart your pathway to a trendsetting career in hospitality, keep on going and you might like what you read.

A career in the tourism and hospitality industry is an exciting and rewarding one. The BA (Hons) International Tourism & Hospitality Management is awarded by Wrexham University, an accredited institution of the University of Wales, and is ranked 2nd in the UK for Teaching Quality. It blends a traditional model of hospitality education with hands-on learning, exciting internships, insightful industry visits and cutting-edge knowledge.

This internationally recognised degree gives you the practical skills and vital knowledge you will need for a career in the hospitality, tourism, and event management industry. Linking three related fields of event, tourism, hospitality and events management, this programme will provide you with a breadth of knowledge and experience in areas such as events, visitor attraction management, sustainable planning and development, contemporary issues in hospitality management, and human resource management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain access to a wide range of career opportunities, and significantly enhance your CV and future job prospects.
  • Confidently undertake direct, practical experience including real event management.
  • Practice work flexibility through teamwork, effective communication, and a positive attitude.

      About Reliance College

      Founded in the early 1980s, Reliance College is a pioneer in the field of Tourism and Hospitality education. We offer a cutting-edge education experience designed to give you expert practical training alongside the management skills you need for a career in the global hospitality industry.

      According to the The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022, our partner, Wrexham University is recognised as second in the UK and first in Wales for Teaching Quality, and we are proud to partner with Wrexham University, the 10th university in Wales to be awarded university status in 2008.

      Reliance College' forward-thinking courses offer strong industry connections and a high-quality curriculum to launch your career in hospitality and to be prepared for the changing nature of work.

      How Do I Get In?

      • Reliance College Foundation in Hospitality, OR
      • Reliance College Diploma, OR 
      • 2 A-Level Passes, OR
      • 2 STPM Passes, OR 
      • 5B’s in UEC, OR
      • 50% ATAR in SAM, AUSMAT or CPU, OR
      • CGPA 2.0 in Matriculation or Foundation, OR
      • Other qualifications recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education

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      Year 1

      Marketing Essentials 

      This module is about recognising the importance of marketing in driving success and delivering results. You will learn the different functions of marketing in the 21st century and will study how an appreciation of consumer behavior and the marketing environment can enable effective targeting and planning.

      Creating Events

      This module provides an insight into the rich, colourful and diverse nature, and make up of contemporary events and festivals. It introduces the constituent elements required for effective event planning, and helps students develop practical skills in creating and planning an event.  

      Data Analytics and Understanding “Big Data”

      This module outlines the genesis and evolution of data analytics and ‘big data’ in modern businesses. It outlines the purpose of ‘big data’ and the uses of data analytics in business including data mining tools and techniques, and the various sources of data utilised within business, exploring the suitability of analytical tools and tests available.

      Year 2

      Managing Sustainable Planning & Development for Hospitality, Tourism & Events

      This module aims to examine the contribution of hospitality, tourism, and events to development goals, to introduce you to the components of sustainable planning and to critically assess the contribution of hospitality, tourism, and events to broader sustainable development objectives. 

      Engaging & Leading People

      You will learn to appreciate the relationship between key HRM activities and organisational success at strategic, departmental and team levels. 

      Business Communication Skills

      This module aims to recognise the importance of effective, integrated internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and delivering customer value. You will learn how to communicate effectively in a business and academic setting, through an understanding of the fundamentals of presentation skills, written communication, and professional communication. 

      Visitor Attraction Management

      This module provides you with the opportunity to develop your understanding of the development and operations of visitor attractions. The specific natures of a variety of attractions are introduced to illustrate the diverse management requirements necessary to ensure both the maintenance of the attraction and the satisfaction of visitor needs.

      Work Based Project (Theory)

      The module aims to provide a framework for you to specialise in the subject area of your corresponding programme and to engage in a small scale research project with literature review and critiques that are relevant to your chosen pathway or career. You will develop a firm understanding of current research and developments within and between sectors using local, regional, national, European, and other relevant international perspectives. 

      Business Environment

      This module introduces the nature and range of business formats and functions which contribute to effective enterprises. It also presents the complexities and categories which contextualise the contemporary business environment and the variety of ways in which they may be used and applied. 


      This module aims to provide the basis for a broad understanding of economics, covering microeconomics and macroeconomics concepts and theories. Primary emphasis is placed upon acquiring skills to analyse current economic issues with a focus on business decision-making. 

       Customer Service Excellence

      This module is an introduction to the mastery of service in differing sectors of business activity in the public, private and third sectors. You will learn to understand the impact of the customer experience on differing business sectors, complaint handling and the impact of social media. You will also be able to analyse customer feedback and trends. 

      Year 3

      Strategic Marketing

      This module builds on marketing foundations studied previously and provides a staged approach to the nature of strategic marketing which contributes to the achievement of a competitive advantage. It introduces the broader aspects of strategic marketing that reflect contemporary developments in advocacy and ethics. 

      Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

      This module identifies and analyses the key contemporary issues that are pertinent to the hospitality sector. Each year, three key issues will be explored, one from each of the following themes: Technology, Global Hotel Brands, Country Culture and Hospitality, Sustainability, Human Resources, New Trends in Hotel Design and Operational Management. 


      You will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills gained during this programme in an independent, self-motivated, enquiring, and problem-solving manner. This serves to extend, underpin, and enhance learning through the identification of a business/management problem which requires theoretical research, structured data collection, subsequent analysis leading to conclusions and recommendations.  

      Strategic Thinking

      This module presents an insight into the manner in which effective operations management provides several competitive features within a contemporary business. As a result, it is a central business provision. It demonstrates the scope and variety of business strategies that emerge from effective analysis, thought, focus and application to provide a unified purpose and direction for any size and type of business.  

      Food and Drink Tourism

      This module focuses on food and drink tourism which is increasingly developing as a major contributor to local economies. It will incorporate an understanding of food and drink tourism in both a global and local context. You will be researching food and drink festivals, events, and its place within the travel & tourism industry which will enhance your understanding of the sector, areas for growth and its impact on local economies.  


      Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2

      TITAS discusses civilisation, the relevance and the interaction between Malay, Chinese and Indian influences, and how it has shaped Malaysian civilisation. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 helps international students communicate effectively in a formal/informal setting, building your confidence as you hone your interaction skills in the national language.

      Entrepreneurship Skills / Bahasa Kebangsaan A

      Entrepreneurship Skills provides basic knowledge and entrepreneurial concepts to to create interest and nurture value in venturing into entrepreneurship. Upon completion, you would have formed an entrepreneurial mindset and would be able to showcase entrepreneurial skills in daily activities. Bahasa Kebangsaan A helps students grasp the national language to effectively communicate and express thoughts clearly and creatively through verbal and written communication.

      Hubungan Etnik / Malaysian Studies 3

      Hubungan Etnik focuses on and discusses ethnic relations in Malaysia. This module is intended to heighten your understanding on social unity, and looks at political and economic growth, and the context of the constitution with regards to ethnic relations. Malaysian Studies 3 was introduced to students to help foster a better understanding and give insight on Malaysian history and politics, its constitution, community unity, and development. 

      Community Service Project

      You will learn how to perform a community needs assessment, select a project, solidify financial and logistical plans, map the project, and detail the project plan so that you can implement a high-impact, well-managed community service initiative. 

      Tuition Fees

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