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The digitisation of the workforce, brought on by initial technological developments, and sped up by the Covid-19 pandemic, has resulted in rapid changes to how we work and function in our careers. The legal sector, which has lately begun utilising technological developments in streamlining their workload, are among quarters that have discovered the absolute necessity of meeting with the evolving needs of clients and the times. 

While slow, the development of legal tech has been long incoming, with some options already being utilised (LexisNexis and WestLaw for legal research anyone?). However, these are not the only developments we have in Legal Tech. In fact, new horizons are out there, waiting to be explored, and here are some career options that lets you blend your legal knowledge with a successful career in the tech world. 

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Legal Operations

Put simply, an operations department focuses on ensuring the smooth running of all operations within departments, and business as a whole. Legal operations focus on this, but in terms of the legal department of an office.

In opting to work in legal operations, your main job scope will be working to maximise the performance of a company’s in-house legal team. In short, your job will be to report to the General Counsel of your firm, and work alongside them to ensure efficiency in their utilisation of time and budget. You will also play a key role in the application of new technologies and the managing of vendors within your place of employment.     

Legal Solutions Architect 

A legal solutions architect (as you may have guessed from the name) is someone who, in a law firm, constructs solutions for a law firm to drive an innovative approach to providing legal services.

This is done by applying their knowledge of business and process, technology and management to determine which processes should be implemented by the firm, as well as which technology should be used- with the focus on improving a firm’s function and efficiency. This also includes creating a solution which enhances the overall experience of the firm’s clients. 

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Data Analyst 

While we’re currently unable to predict precisely what the outcomes of cases will be, several legal tech companies such as Ravel and Lex Machina are currently creating machines which may be able to predict the outcome of legal cases based on precedents, using a blend of A.I and machine learning.

Who are the most important people in making this a reality? Data analysts. Specifically the ones with legal knowledge. As a legal data analyst, you will have the opportunity to utilise the analytical skills you picked up during law school, in this case, analysing data trends and patterns in cases, which will be interpreted to aid with predicting the potential outcome of a legal case.

Compliance Manager 

As a law school graduate, among the skills you will pick up include effective communication, problem solving, and how to read and apply the law. A non-legal role which also requires these skills is that of a compliance manager.

Compliance managers focus less on the law itself, and more on ensuring that their workplace complies to existing legal regulations, that their colleagues are aware of said regulations and to create an ethical corporate environment. This role will also require you to stay up to date on the latest developments in relevant law to ensure that your workplace does not inadvertently violate any of the laws or regulations, and to advise on potential risks. 

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So, there you have it folks, four examples of potential legal tech careers for you to consider.

Want to learn more? Look into courses which teach additional digital skills, and upskill yourself by adding them to your own arsenal! Good luck! 

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