Essential Social Media Skills Employers Value

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Once upon a time, even the mere thought of 'social media' as a thing would have been a foreign concept. And social media skills? Most probably completely unheard of.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the current employment market however, and it's clear that social media skills are highly valued by employers as we move on to a world which is more digitised.

The truth is, whether or not you choose to pursue a social-media related career, it still plays a pretty major role in your life- and, by extension your work. Mastering social media skills will play an important role in determining your prospects of getting hired.

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1. Writing

Depending on the platform, writing is one of the basic skills relevant to social media.

Whether it’s writing captions or writing an article, if you can tell an engaging story, you have succeeded in putting a message across in a clear and concise manner, thus raising brand awareness.


If you are keen on picking up a brand new skill, why not consider digital design? (And if you're wondering how useful that particular skill is- consider how popular aesthetic instagram feeds are!)

And if you don't have a background in you can learn how to use programmes such as Adobe Illustrator. There are plenty of free tutorials over the Internet to teach you how to use these tools. You could even start off by sketching, then scanning it on your computer and making the final touches via the software. An added bonus would be to spend time viewing other designer’s works for inspiration.

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Public Speaking

Although this soft skill may appear to be unrelated to social media, it definitely comes in handy when you need to be in front of a camera for either a live video or a pre-recorded one for a social media post. If you’re feeling nervous, a simple tip is to practise in front of the mirror, this way you can correct your body language and tone of voice as you speak and perfect your presentation and public speaking skills.


This skill encompasses what social media skills is all about. To cultivate creative skills, you can watch videos on YouTube of a specific genre (e.g. Vlogs) and notice how each content creator makes it different. Get on Pinterest and look for different categories of abstract art. There are many sources for you to get inspired if you know where to look for them. A good starting point is none other than your own social media accounts – get creative by experimenting with the use of hashtags, different filters, etc. to get noticed.

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