Masters of Law (LLM)

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Course Overview

This online Veritas LLM focusses on legal practice as you will learn the law as it applies in the real-world.

The Veritas LLM utilises innovative problem-based learning and emphasises practical and technical proficiency. You will gain hands-on experience, and learn to apply legal skills to real-world tasks and scenarios encountered in practice. The LLM offers flexibility and accessibility through online delivery and regular interactions with lecturers who are practitioners in relevant legal fields.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of law and practice, and apply this expertise to real-world situations.
  • Understand client needs and effective dispute resolution techniques.
  • Enhance your critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Learn to provide high-level advice and legal services.
  • Improve your communication skills.

About Veritas University College

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How Do I Get In?

  • A Bachelor Degree in the field with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the HEP Senate, or 
  • A Bachelor Degree in the field or related fields or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment, and
  • Candidates without a qualification in the related fields or working experience in the relevant fields must undergo appropriate prerequisite courses determined by the HEP and meet the minimum CGPA based on (i) to (ii).

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Malaysian Legal System  

This module provides you with an overall understanding of central institutions within the Malaysian Legal System. It also demonstrates an appreciation and understanding of the Malaysian Federal Constitution through the study and historical context behind it, with significant references to case laws and relevant legislations. 

Master Project  

You will further develop your research skills, pertaining to the choice of a socially and scientifically relevant research subject, the systematic collection and analysis of relevant literature on this subject, and the formulation of a research question. You will also develop an understanding of interdisciplinary theoretical approaches and knowledge of existing and possible social interventions.

Research Methodology  

This module discusses the process of knowledge creation with an emphasis on the production of scientific knowledge. Important building blocks in this process are frames of reference, scientific ideals, problem formulation, scientific approaches and methods for data collection and analysis.


  • Malaysian graduates choose 7 electives
  • International graduates choose 6 electives

Lawyer’s Skills  

This module is about developing your professional skills, which are not only fundamental to a career in legal practice, but are also transferable to other professional environments and careers. It is also about providing you with practical tools for handling the pressures of legal practice, consistent with your ethical and professional responsibilities.

Civil Litigation Practice (Malaysia) 

Upon completion of this module, you will understand fundamental theories and practices in Civil Litigation Practice, and have an understanding of how to apply this knowledge in professional practice.

Property Law Practice (Malaysia)  

You will learn fundamental theories and practices in Property Law Practice, and have an understanding of how to apply this knowledge in professional practice.

Criminal Law Practice 

You will develop practice-based analytical and critical thinking skills to apply to problem-solving and decision-making in Criminal Law Practice. This module also provides the foundations to develop reflective approaches to Criminal Law Practice in a range of contexts.

Personal Injury and Torts Practice  

This subject is designed to advance your understanding of the claims and remedies available for actions in tort, including claims in: Negligence for a breach of a duty of care, Bodily Injury, Fatal Claims, and Property Damage. You will cover the law, court rules and practice that apply in personal injury and tort cases.

Banking and Finance Practice  

You will learn to identify, explain, and critically analyse: legal and regulatory frameworks for banking and finance, lending and security, loan recovery and enforcement of security, and debt capital markets in Malaysia.

Advocacy (Malaysia)  

This practice-based module aims to equip you with the ability to persuasively put forward your client’s position, whether inside or outside the courtroom. You will also explore topics such as ethical rules relating to advocacy, general principles of good advocacy, and trial advocacy


This module covers a wide spectrum of the areas in arbitration law such as its proceedings, claims, interim measures and awards. 

Mergers and Acquisition Practice  

This practice-based LLM module will examine good operating practices and consider key issues when planning and executing M&A transactions. Topics include planning acquisitions in Malaysia, origins and opportunities for M&A practice in Malaysia, advanced due diligence issues, and laws, regulation and governance in Malaysian M&A practice.

Intellectual Property Practice  

You will learn to understand the intellectual property frameworks in Malaysian contexts, critically analyse the advanced issues in copyright practice in Malaysia, and advise the client on advanced issues in trade mark and industrial designs practice in Malaysia.

Islamic Banking and Finance Practice  

This module examines global financial markets and the alternative system of financial intermediation: Islamic banking and finance. Although the concept of Islamic finance can be traced back about 1,400 years, its recent history can be dated to the 1970s when Islamic banks in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were launched. In the 1990s, Bahrain and Malaysia emerged as centres of excellence. 

Tuition Fees

All Inclusive Fee:


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