MBA: Your Launchpad to Innovation and Leadership

Innovation has been the hallmark of success for decades, and none more so in the corporate arena. The aesthetics of AI and digitalisation have morphed the concept of what it truly means to operate a business. Like anything, the decision to adapt is staring at you right in the face; to upskill yourself with the techniques and skills that an MBA can provide and prepare yourself for the demands of today. These qualifications are not generic but are specialised in delivering industry-related excellence.

Why choose an MBA, and which is good for you?

An MBA programme isn't just a degree; it's a promise of expertise in many critical business disciplines. Unlike specialised degrees that delve deeply into a single domain, an MBA offers a holistic understanding of finance, marketing, operations, strategy, entrepreneurship, and more.

Whilst we encourage holistic learning, which of our MBA programmes is good for you largely depends on your specialisation areas. Bring out your inner marketer with an MBA in Digital Marketing, or your corporate persona with a Master of Corporate Law and Governance, and much more. Who said you couldn’t put all your eggs into a single basket?

What are the different types of MBAs you could opt for?

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MBA in Corporate Law

Would you describe yourself as a business enthusiast who wants to gauge the industry's legal do’s and don’ts? Whether working as a sole trader or a conglomerate, you will be prepared to execute and deliver your goals.

Running a business requires understanding its ins and outs before committing to its management. While this may seem a tad self-explanatory, the locus of perception and actuality are different. The MBA in Corporate Law by Veritas University College will give you international exposure. It is the building block to success, offering a range of micro-credentials affiliated with several prominent universities in California, Copenhagen, Michigan, Edinburgh and more.

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MBA in Digital Marketing

You have found the perfect setting if you see yourself as a connoisseur of words and advertising. By building yourself from the ground up using intensive research techniques and SEO optimisation; you can be the game changer in the market and pitch your business ideas and products with tact and acumen.

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Master of Arts in Law

For those who enjoy a much more flexible learning approach, Veritas University College's Master of Arts in Law is a fully online course that can empower you with research skills and in-depth knowledge of the Malaysian Legal System. With the arts being an extensive area, students can learn about mergers & acquisitions, legal technology and banking.

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MBA in Digital Transformation

Are you aware that a business mind can only be matched and balanced with an astute understanding of the digital world? Be at the forefront of studying Fintech and much more to ingratiate yourself with the best transformative technology. Additionally, you can gain a micro-credential from INSEAD via our Business Intelligence module.

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Master of Corporate Law and Governance

Are you a corporate enthusiast looking to build a stable business presence? If so, you are in luck, as this programme will give you an invaluable edge in understanding the dynamics of business growth, corporate leadership and more. With the added legal knowledge, you will not be blindsided by legal jargon, and keep one step ahead of the curve to drive your business ideals forward.

What modules will you be learning?

The modules offered by the MBAs and Masters' programmes bring opportunities for students to showcase their ability to adapt, react and overcome challenges. There is a menagerie of modules to choose from, but several of them, in particular, emphasise the key takeaways of these qualifications. Each programme offers a unique blend of modules tailored to incorporate leadership values, accountability, and critical thinking.

For instance, Strategic Management will help you make sound business decisions with limited intervention and provides the tools to craft and execute strategies that drive organisations forward. It will be your compass in a rapidly changing business world, allowing you to navigate uncertainty and complexity.

Managerial Finance is more than simply organising spreadsheets and budgets. A business holder needs to understand the gravity of their investments and the weight they hold for the company's future. The final intrinsic module is Organisation and Business Management. This module will assist in building up levels of camaraderie and leadership amongst teammates and subordinates.

You could gain from the SEO optimisation module relative to our MBA in Digital Marketing to improve your marketability. Alternatively, if you find the allure of intellectual property as your siren call, you will feel right at home with our MBA in Corporate Governance.

Career Acceleration and Goals

Our MBA programmes are tailored to give you an edge in making your mark in the job market, with hot-ticket jobs related to Human Resources, Finance and Management all within your reach. This is especially useful as you will network with like-minded entrepreneurs, establish partnerships, and build trust. You can accelerate your career, not just from your job standpoint.

You can also build upon your soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and much more, improving your employability levels. An MBA makes the world your stage, and you can handpick whichever options you feel you could connect with the most, no matter the industry. Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, you name it, there is an opportunity. Enjoy careers like investment banking, supply chain management, financial analysis, etc.

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Access to Alumni Networks

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and Veritas University College will give you that extra edge in preparedness through its alumni network. You will be in touch with industry experts to help guide you on the next steps of your journey, providing the likes of mentorship, job leads, and a sense of belonging to a community of accomplished professionals.

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Versatility and Career Mobility

An MBA is a versatile degree that opens doors across industries and sectors. Whether you aspire to work in finance, healthcare, technology, or nonprofit organisations, an MBA is universally recognised and valued. It equips you with transferable skills that can be applied to various roles and industries, giving you the flexibility to pivot your career when needed. With the onset of digitalisation dominating the job market, you can work anywhere, anytime.

Diversifying Your Options

This is a crucial business lesson as, more often than not, this may be a point of contention in how we view business frameworks. Business views vary between parties, but the beauty of an MBA is giving your opinions a voice and platform to test, perfect and showcase your abilities.

Take this lesson in diversification and translate it into career prospects in areas such as supply chain management and healthcare administration. Management is the requisite in any industry to be in the driver's seat of progress and foster change from within. Education is the best platform to diversify, and Veritas University College is here to make this a reality with its wide range of MBA programmes.

If you lack the academic qualifications to gain admission or access into a programme of study, you can now do so via APEL. Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is a process in Malaysia that recognises an individual’s experiential learning, whether it’s from work experience, self-study or any life experiences that are equivalent to formal education. The main objective of APEL is to allow those who might not have traditional academic qualifications to still access higher education based on their knowledge and experience.

In conclusion, pursuing an MBA is a strategic investment in your career and personal development. It equips you with a diverse skillset, accelerates your career progression, and provides valuable connections. Whether you aim to climb the corporate ladder, become an entrepreneur, or broaden your horizons, an MBA can be the catalyst that propels you toward success in the dynamic world of business.

So, if you're contemplating the next step in your professional journey, consider the countless benefits of pursuing an MBA and embark on a transformative path toward a brighter future.

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