Top 3 Hospitality Tech Trends for 2024

white robot near brown wall

1. Predictive Ordering

Demand in hospitality, regardless of whether it is in the hotel, tourism, or food and beverage industry, always fluctuate throughout the year. There are lull periods and busy seasons, and one of the major issue is figuring out how to optimise your supply so that it meets demand while also minimising waste.

However, now with a new technology called predictive ordering that utilises artificial intelligence (AI), all sectors within the hospitality industry will be able to forecast customer demand and generate automated orders for any hospitality business.

This helps reduce the amount of waste that is generated across the board, improve inventory management, and boost profitability. ensuring that every customer receives what is needed or requested, as supplies are always on hand.

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2. Robots in Hotels & Restaurants

Definitely one of the more exciting and futuristic new tech trends is robots within the industry. The rise of robotics within all industries is inevitable, as IT and AI are slowly taking charge in a new modern industrial revolution.

Robots have begun to be adopted within the industry to complete simple tasks that were otherwise completed by humans. With many robots taking on the front desk role of a concierge, welcoming guests and providing them with essential information to make the customer's experience smoother, robots have started to not only take on the role of general guidance and assistance within the industry but also take on manual labour-based roles like cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and germ-killing.

Not being restricted to one sector within the industry, these robots are being used within every sector in the industry, with varying roles.

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3. Automated Waste Management

Coinciding with the first trend that was mentioned, this new technology called automated waste management will further improve the efficiency and affordability of running a business in hospitality.

With hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste generated per year by the hospitality industry, businesses take on a loss when supplies turn into waste, and said waste can turn into an environmental and social issue for the generated public.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry have already started to adopt this new technology to help combat the level of waste that is being generated. With AI, chemical recycling, and robotics playing a huge part, businesses are turning into more environmentally friendly operations that aid in revealing the buying and use patterns to the business owners in the industry to limit waste as a whole.

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These are just some of the exciting new tech changes that are coming to the hospitality industry. There are dozens more that will be introduced, or have already begun to be implemented within the industry, and they will only continue to grow. The industry is in an exciting revolution of technology and innovation that will benefit both business owners and the customer experience.