Top 5 Reasons to Pick the BBA

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We’ve all heard of people deciding to complete their Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). Often regarded as a “safe” education choice – we all know that one family member who just started or completed their BBA (and if you haven’t got one, chances are you ARE that relative!)

But, what are the advantages of pursuing a BBA degree and how does it help you get ahead in your career? Read on below:

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The BBA serves as a stepping stone to a business career, and is one of the most sought-after business programmes in the world. It prepares students for a career in business much earlier than other degrees given its business -focused subjects, relevant anywhere in the world (Yes, a job opportunity  ‘overseas’ could be closer than you think!).


The BBA is one of the most comprehensive management degrees, covering a wide range of relevant subject matter, as well as how to practically apply them. It provides a solid combination of theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development. This enables you to learn a variety of skills that will turn you into a well-rounded professional and in turn, sets you up for a successful career.

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Given in-depth knowledge in a wide range of subjects, the BBA provides the flexibility to specialise in any particular relevant to running a business such as marketing, human resource management and even accounting and finance. In return, a your specialised knowledge in such areas makes you a valuable asset to any business organisation!

Job Stability & Security

In choosing to study the BBA, you will be setting yourself up for a potentially rewarding career (depending on your work performance, of course!), with fantastic career benefits and job security. It is a sector where the more experience you have, the more it is reflected in your salary. There is also stability, career-wise, as business administration is relevant across numerous industries, and the knowledge you glean from working in a variety of industries will only serve to add to your portfolio.

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Personal Development

The BBA programme combines general business principles and integral soft skills such as communication and decision-making skills. At the end of the day, you will develop into well-rounded individual with indispensable skills as a leader and team player in an organisation.

So, what do you think? Could a BBA be the course for you?