Tour Manager

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The world is full of adventure! There are millions of people seeking such adventure in vibrant, exotic locations across the globe each year, and aside from the most seasoned of travelers, they all need a guide to help them make the most of their holidays.

If you're looking to experience your own adventures, and have a passion for travelling, consider exploring the career of a Tour Manager. This job is more than just about being a good guide to your clients. As a tour manager, you'll be responsible for making sure all the aspects of a holiday go according to plan. This is more than just your average 'tour guide role,' it's a hands-on, active, and invigorating job, that will turn your life into a never-ending adventure!

Job Description:

  • Make travel arrangements for tour group e.g. flights, car rentals, transport to and from airport, etc.
  • Help travelers with passport, visa, or other immigration issues
  • Help travelers organise the necessary documents for their travels e.g. tickets and passes
  • Assist travelers with accommodation bookings and check-ins
  • Discuss itinerary with travelers, including available destinations, travel timings, local culture, food, etc.
  • Advise tourists on the best things to do on their holiday based on their interests and criteria
  • Develop a tour plan that will fulfill the expectations of your clients
  • Get in touch with hotels and various destinations to secure bookings for your clients
  • Ensure that all aspects of the tour run as smoothly as possible
  • Deal with any issues that may arise during the tour e.g. lost baggage, double-bookings, directing tourists to amenities such as pharmacies or money-changers
  • Help travelers with medical emergencies i.e. informing their family members, and helping them seek medical treatment from the local doctors or hospitals
  • Build industry connections with hotels, operators, local businesses, and more, to get the best deals for your clients
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Specific Skill Set Required:

  • Able to manage and plan multiple tours at the same time
  • Be organised and efficient with your scheduling
  • Have in-depth, specialised knowledge of the destinations you're planning tours for
  • Able to negotiate the best deals for your clients
  • Able to maintain an out-going and friendly demeanour with tour groups
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Be able to handle long and irregular working hours
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