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The Life Of A Law Student

We all have heard a little about what being a lawyer is like, be it through our family and friends who are in the field or through various shows like Lincoln Lawyer and Suits. The stories you have heard about the world of law can be the ones that are realistic or the ones that are sweetened up to favour your taste buds, the ones that make you think it's all about laying the law on someone and the whole alpha like vibe that comes with it. We got news for you...that's not all what law is about. If you are someone who is interested in law and would like to know a little more about preparing yourself with the right skills and knowledge for a career in the legal field, read on.

A Life of Academic Demands

Most lawyers whom you have seen or met at some point of your life have all gone through similar struggles in law school - the academic demands and the voluminous reading that comes with it. Law students are often required to read and understand. Due to this, students tend to get overwhelmed with what they are meant to read and memorise. The field of law is very dynamic in a sense where it involves the amendment of the old Law and the insertion and interpretation of new Laws. Students are required to keep themselves up to date with these changes that occur and at the same time studying their bulky syllabus. Apart from that, it is also important for law students to note that they should be able to write well and efficiently. Some of us tend to have writing habits without even realising them, but it is important they overcome them. As mentioned above, you need a set of skills acquired and polished when you are in law school.

A Life Of Extra Curricular Activities

Law school extracurricular activities are extremely important as they provide students with various opportunities in acquiring skills and knowledge that keeps them academically ready. Mock trials for example, help you harness the skills needed to excel as a litigation lawyer. Mock trials are simulated trials where students compete against each other in a staged courtroom setting. Competitive mock trials allow both teams to argue as the plaintiff and the defense, in a series of four rounds. Trials as such prepares students for court life, if that's the chosen path. Getting involved in sporting activities is also important for law students. Not only does being active aid in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, while striking a positive study-life balance, it also shows that you value teamwork, communication and the need to work together for a common goal. These are values and characteristics employers are always keeping an eye out for.

A Life Of Emotional Highs & Lows

The legal profession is not all butterflies and roses. Although it is a field that can induce stress due to its workload, it is a very rewarding career, as it involves a constant battle between understanding complex legal concepts and applying them to real-life situations. One moment, you may feel exhilarated when successfully arguing a case in mock trials, while the next moment, you may experience frustration when grappling with intricate legal principles. Despite the emotional ups and downs, studying Law ultimately provides a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as you develop critical thinking skills and become equipped to make a positive impact in the field of justice. 

A Life Of Constant Networking

If you are an extrovert and have zero issues in communication with someone you have never met, then you will do fine. While it is important to keep yourself busy with the studying and working aspect, networking is equally as important. Networking plays a vital part when it comes to your future employment, getting new cases and also increasing your exposure. In the field of Law, your knowledge and personality traits go hand in hand and will be the key to your success. Always remember, knowledge gets you far but networking gets you further.

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