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Course Overview

Does a career in the field of sciences intrigue you? Does watching ‘Abby Sciuto’ from NCIS work her magic in the lab have you envision working in one?

If you wish to pursue a science-related undergraduate degree, the Veritas University College’ Foundation in Science is a preparatory university program designed to build your confidence, whilst developing academic and practical skills, alongside fundamental subject knowledge to continue on to a degree of your choice.

This MQA approved one-year programme will be your fast-track route to an undergraduate degree in the field of sciences, focusing on crucial subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

Are you ready to become a specialist in the field of sciences?

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the theoretical and practical foundations for knowledge and skills acquisition in various disciplines of study in sciences.
  • Be prepared for undergraduate studies at Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) throughout Malaysia and overseas.
  • Be able to explain concepts, theories, and principles in your chosen area of study, source and process data using appropriate digital/technology applications, analyse and apply information to solve problems.
  • Develop your skills for lifelong learning and communication in responsible ways.

About Veritas University College

At Veritas, we are constantly re-thinking the learning process and leveraging on efficiency, technology and strategic partnerships to provide a holistic next gen educational journey for our students. Veritas is also committed to pushing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by continuously developing world class programmes at some of the most affordable fees available in the market. As a result of our far-reaching efforts, Veritas has received the BrandLaureate Best Brand in Online Education award for 2020, 2021 and 2022 in recognition of our exceptional academic and co-curricular experience.

How Do I Get In?

  • SPM/IGCSE results or equivalent – 5 credits
  • UEC – 3 Bs including Maths, and a pass in BM and English

*Trial Examinations/Forecast results are accepted

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Semester 1

English Language

This module aims to enhance your proficiency in the English Language. Focusing on the fundamentals skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, this module also whilst incorporates grammar and thematic vocabulary to enable you to express yourself clearly and accurately in English at tertiary level. 

Critical Thinking Skills

You will be given exposureto various critical thinking techniques and reasoning skills to enable you to present your arguments convincingly, and to respond to situations and solve problems appropriately.

Information And Communication Technology 

This module preps you with basic knowledge of computer hardware and software, and an understanding of how computers are integrated into an organization. You will also learn how information is managed within organization and develop basic communication and business skills required in computing.

Biology I

This module improved your basic knowledge and understanding of biology. The major disciplines in biology covered in this course are the basic concepts and features of cells, genetics, transport system and immunity. You will also be given training in basic manipulative scientific skills in carrying out experiments in biology.

Chemistry I

This module introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Physical chemistry concerning structure, nature of chemical bonds, states of matter, elements properties and basic principles of titration.

Semester 2

Biology II

This module develops you ability to analyze data, evaluate biological problems, and propose possible solutions to problems based on biological principles. You will also be introduced to aspects covering respiration, photosynthesis, homeostasis, human skeletal system, coordination, genetics, biodiversity, variations, and reproduction. 

Chemistry II

This module exposes you to the concepts of Rates of Reaction, Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Equilibrium, Transition elements, Organic compounds & Analytical chemistry.

Mathematics I

This course develops your confidence with mathematical concepts and relationships and use of mathematical skills and techniques in a range of contexts, specifically problem solving and abstract thinking. Topics covered include numbers and sets, polynomials, sequences and series, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, vectors, and matrices.

Physics I

This course equips you with an in-depth understanding of concepts and principles of elementary physics. The topics include mechanics, gravitation, states of matter, fluid and waves. 

Semester 3

Mathematics II

This module further develops your confidence with mathematical concepts and relationships and use of mathematical skills and techniques in a range of contexts, specifically problem solving and abstract thinking. You will cover topics such as limits and continuity, differentiation, integration, differential equations, as well as a primer on descriptive statistics. 

Physics II

This module exposes you to various concepts and principles of elementary physics, on a deeper level. The topics include electrostatics, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, heat and thermodynamics.  

Introduction to Psychology

This module equips you with an understanding of the concepts, principles, history, and approaches in psychology. Through this, you will understand the relevance of studying human behavior to everyday life. 


The module provides a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship where you will be given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. You will also study the skills and processes necessary to initiate an enterprise. 

Tuition Fees

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